Industrial Pipe Dungeon Shelf With Toy Hanger Small


Industrial Pipe Dungeon Shelf With Toy Hanger Small

About this item:

This unit is absolutely perfect for displaying beautiful items that you may need quick access to during play time.  Added bonus for a rack to hang leather items.

We've attempted to pre-assemble some details to make your installation easier and faster; you won't have to "mess" with small accessories, screws, etc. We even pre-assemble the pipe and tee - the most difficult item to construct due to the amount of effort required - to ensure that it is put accurately and securely. I swear it only takes about 20 minutes to assemble the Pipe Shelves with Wood Planks as long as you follow the instructions properly and the gravity where you live is still working.


The Details

  • Materials: 100% Pine Solid Wood; 100% High-quality Galvanized Steel
  • Size: 9.8 L x 5.8 W x 5.7 H ??
  • Weight Limit: 150 lbs
  • Easy 20-minute assembly. 
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
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