How To Design a Sex Room

here are some key steps to transform your room into a sacred space free from distractions to transport you and your partner to a world of fantasy and pleasure:
How To Design a Sex Room

When it comes to designing a sex room we are careful to provide any hard and fast rules as individual desires and kinks are never the same. The important thing is to focus on style and décor to help get you in the mood.

That said, here are some key steps to transform your room into a sacred space free from distractions to transport you and your partner to a world of fantasy and pleasure:

Determine the location

The first step in creating a new sexual haven is to determine its location. Consider using your current bedroom with some modifications, converting a spare room, or building a hidden room with a Murphy door. Once the location is determined, you can visualize the space and enhance the experience with design changes. Remember, you need not convert an entire room if you do not have the space.  Perhaps a nook or private corner can be converted.

Select a décor theme

It's crucial to have a clear understanding of your preferences when it comes to room décor. Decide on a theme, such as a romantic boudoir, a noir BDSM den, a Luxe suite, or a Moulin Rouge-inspired space with a stripper pole. If you don't want to make drastic changes, you can start with simple additions like interesting wallpaper, scented candles, mood lighting, and naughty décor items. If you are comfortable in front of a camera, adding intimate framed photos can also add a special touch.

Enhance the sensuality

Layering various textures in the room can not only visually stimulate, but also add to the physical pleasure. Try using satin sheets, fur throws, velvet pillows, and leather furniture for a luxurious feel. Experiment with different fabrics to set the mood.

Shock Value

Introduce kinky elements to take your sexual experience to the next level. Be thoughtful about what you enjoy and incorporate those elements into the decor. This could be full-length mirrors, a drawer filled with sex toys, phallic-shaped pieces, or phallic shaped functional objects.

Furnish for pleasure

The right furniture can enhance the sexual experience. Consider a bondage bed with restraints under the mattress, a stretch chaise lounge, a sex swing, or a pony bench. A St Andrew’s Cross can also be used in the room as functional art.

Make the bathroom a source of pleasure

You can even turn your bathroom into a sensual escape with the help of candles, fancy towels, warm lighting, and mirrors. You can also remodel the space to include a soaking tub for two, a wet zone with a shower head, and relaxing elements like monogrammed robes, flower petals, and soothing music.

Encourage exploration and connection

The purpose of a sacred space is not only to bring fantasies to life, but also to explore and connect. Remember, it does not have to be a whole room or basement (wouldn’t that be great!) it can just be a small seating area with meaningful décor.  Even creating a comfortable space for relaxation and conversation, whether it's a rug on the floor or a couch in the corner can do wonders!

Use our design services

We offer design services to take the guess work out of your design!

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