Moulin Rouge Sex Room Design Tips

Moulin Rouge Sex Room Design Tips

The Moulin Rouge cabaret is often considered to be a symbol of sex and sensuality.  Famous for its high-energy dance shows, including the can-can, it was built in Paris in1889 and is known for its historical significance as well as its role in popularizing the can-can dance. The cabaret has been a major cultural landmark in Paris, attracting both local and international visitors, and remains one of the city's most iconic and recognizable venues. The Moulin Rouge is also widely associated with the bohemian lifestyle and the Belle Époque era, and is considered a symbol of Parisian decadence and exuberance.

Its association with sex and sensuality is due to its history as a venue for risqué dance performances. The cabaret's dance shows, particularly the can-can, were known for featuring high-energy, provocative dance moves, and the venue attracted a hedonistic and often scandalous crowd. The Moulin Rouge was also associated with the birth of modern striptease and was one of the first venues to showcase the form as a performance art. Additionally, the cabaret was frequented by artists, writers, and other members of the bohemian subculture, who celebrated freedom of expression and a more liberal approach to sexuality.

Why a Moulin Rouge Sex room? 

With a reputation as a symbol of Parisian excess, its romantic and nostalgic appeal evokes a sense of old-world charm and sophistication.  Art Nouveau architecture, opulent décor, and bold use of color, makes it an attractive inspiration for a sex room design.

For those who are captivated by the high-energy dance shows at the Moulin Rouge, designing a room inspired by the cabaret could be a way to bring a touch of the performance into their own home.

The Moulin Rouge is associated with the glamour and sophistication of the Belle Époque era, and designing a room to look like the cabaret could be a way of bringing a touch of this elegance into one's home.

The cabaret has a romantic and nostalgic appeal, and designing a room to look like the Moulin Rouge could be a way of evoking this sense of old-world charm and sophistication

To design a room inspired by the Moulin Rouge, the following elements are must haves:

Bold, bright colors

 The iconic cabaret is known for its use of red, black, and gold. Use these colors as accents or as the main color scheme for the room.

Velvet and Fringe

Adding velvet furnishings and curtains, along with fringe accents, will bring a touch of glamour and theatricality to the room.

Art nouveau accents

The Moulin Rouge was built during the Art Nouveau movement, so consider incorporating Art Nouveau-inspired elements such as curved lines, organic shapes, and nature-inspired motifs.


 Add a touch of opulence with a sparkling chandelier, reminiscent of the ones found in the famous cabaret.

Can-can posters

Decorate the walls with vintage can-can posters or other images from the cabaret.

Feather accents

Incorporate feather accents in the form of lamps, vases, or wall art to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the room.

By incorporating these elements, you can create an intimate space that exudes sexual delight like that of the legendary Moulin Rouge.

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